About us

The Moms Group is a Buy, Sell and Trade forum for children's clothing and accessories. Started by two sisters who are Mothers themselves. We understand the required balance between dressing our kids in today's fashion driven society with the need to keep within the family budget. While buying and selling for many years for our own children through online mainstream outlets, we became frustrated with the rising cost of selling fees. From this frustration Themomsgroup.com was born. This site is an additional option for Moms to recoup and/or save money on children's clothing and accessories.

Let’s face it  Ebay and Amazon charge a fortune in fees, Consignment stores can take up to a 40% cut, yard sales are a hit and miss and donating is not always an option. At this time themomsgroup.com is free. We our currently building our fashion savvy Moms community so take advantage. What makes our community so special? We’re offering a target market, of Mom’s buying and selling Name Brand quality clothing and accessories.  We also offer a place for our crafty Moms to sell their handmade items! Are you an Etsy or Ebay member? Do you own your own site? Advertise them and sell on the Themomsgroup, the only requirement is you must adhere to the rules of the Buy,Sell and Trade board. Last but not least its a place to connect with other Moms. We all need advice, encouragement or just a place to vent sometimes. You can also keep up with us on Facebook or twitter.

Our Mission:

Striving to create a Moms community where moms can Buy, Sell and Trade in a safe, honest and respectful enviroment.

          Blog Schedule:

            Monday - Forum Topic of the week. Responses to be posted on the Forum.  
Thursday - Guest Post or Blog shout out