Buying & Reselling

Online Buying and Reselling

When it comes to buying or reselling online there are many reasons people choose to or not to do so. For many selling online is easy. They picked up on it as if it was second nature. Others might be a bit more skeptical. Maybe you dont want the headaches of things going wrong. Its just to envolved and in some cases they just dont seem to get around to it. If you are one of those who want to buy and/or resell but selling seems a bit overwhelming Check out the tips below to help you get started.

Steps to buying
  • Understand where and who you are buying from
  • How will you pay for your items
  • Shipping from the buyers side
Steps to Selling
  • What are you going to sell
  • Where are you going to sell
  • How much are you wanting to sell it for
  • How much will it cost you to sell using the chosen platform
  • How are going to accept payments
  • Shipping from the sellers side

To understand where you are buying from you must read their rules and regulation. What is their buying and selling structure. What are their fees and how much to they do they charge. Sites such as Amazon and ebay make money per transaction. Sites like require a small monthly membership but not the transaction. Craigslist is free but can be dangerous
The first thing we highly recommend is opening an online payment solution such as Paypal. Paypal is the most popular. However, you can also checkout square or even amazonpayments .  This will allow you to accept money over the Internet and also keep you transaction safe. Paypal and Amazon payments offer great resolution tools, should you come across any issues buying or selling.
   The reason we started was to fill a need for an alternative solution to ebay and amazon and esty. We are a fashion and money driven society. However, the two should not go hand in hand.  We believe its ok to love the designer fashions, dress your child in the clothing that reflects both their personalty and yours. But, its not ok to go broke doing it. Consignment shops ebay and esty all serve a purpose Themomsgroup is only offering another option on sell your child's items,  this is a mom Targeted Market where you can also develop relationships and connect with other women at the same time.

When to Resell
Here is a break down of the best times to sell. When Organizing your items break them down into months they need to be sold, for example: a Light jacket for cool nights needs to go in an August pile.
  • January  - Spring clothes start now - Capri's, light weight jackets. Put all Winter items away or in your online store (possibly on markdown). List your Valentines, St Pattys and Easter outfits now.
  • February - Spring is still strong with bathing suits, towels, beach wear (spring break!). Easter outfits are still good.
  • March - Summer sales start now, short sets, sundresses, sandals. Put all your Spring stuff in your store on markdown or away for next season.
  • April - Vacation clothing! Family sets work great.
  • May - .Summer is still good, slowing at the end of the month
  • June - 4th of July clothing - slow month
  • July - Back to school shopping begins for fall items. Don't forget the shoes, backpacks, hair pieces, sweaters and jackets.
  • August - Fall items are great!
  • September - Fall is still good - Halloween outfits and costumes start flying now
  • October - Winter clothing starts kicking off - Don't forget boots, coats, hats, gloves and scarves. Christmas and Holiday outfits, family outfits - fancier attire
  • November - NWT items as people are buying for gifts. Winter clothing. Save fall items for the following year or list them for a markdown price - 
  • December - We recommend only selling New items or Hot Items for X-mas

We have listed a few sites we believe are the best resources for understanding buying and selling online


  1. Really great tips! I've sold some things on Craigs List, but never eBay and others. Planning to soon, though!

  2. Sounds interesting. As soon as I go through my kids no longer used items I will be sure to stop by!

  3. Well Columba Lisa Smith you will have to remember us you you decide to list.

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