Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Servane Barrau Designs

If your really into cool and different children's clothing designers you have to check out Servane Barrau Designs . Now I wont get into who she is, all that is talked about on her clothing site. But, I will say her designs are so cute/funky. If you have a little girl that just likes to be a little different then the rest, you both are are gonna love her style. She dresses 12 months to 10years and whats really great about the desiger is that her clothes are so unique, so they make for great resell when your little girl has out grown and moved on to something different. If you have a great designer that other moms should check out, login into the TMG forum here and post the designer name, link to their site and tell us why you like their and clothes and/or asseccesories.

1 comment:

  1. Those designs do look unique :). I'm sure my 6-year old daughter would love those.