Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why do Teenage Boys fight?

In my house we are dealing with a Teenage boy who like to fight. Yea I said it LIKES to fight. Clearly this is an security issue within himself with his peer group. This interest in fighting as been going on since he was about 12. No he's not abused at home. But sometimes ;) LOL.  He no longer wants to play an organized sport. I will say I  am proud that he has an interest to make his own money. He is looking actively for a job. But how do you keep a 16 year old young man too busy to get into trouble. Well this is a question I have went out in the the trusty ol Internet to see what I could find.

I found some great information on  a site called They give some stats on Teenage fighting in the U.S and have tons a great addtional site to help parents learn about why teenagers fight and what we can do to minize this on going issue we have in a country with out Youths.


  1. Here in the Philippines, I think it was last week when a 14-year old high school boy died after another high school kid beat him up in school. It baffles me why and how things like these happen. I'll go and check out that site you mentioned. THanks

  2. Great blog! I left you a comment on the not being friends with your daughter post. Now, I just need to look you up on FB and twitter.(: