Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Looking for our first Guest Post

Attention all blogging Moms. We are currently looking for our first blogger who would like to write a guest post. If you would like to be our first guest post. We would love to hear from you. We do have a few requirements so please read the following Requirements and Recommendations.


  • Sign up with forum, this is free of course and can be done via Facebook (This is much easier and faster). 
  • Content must be the work of the contributor.
  • 300 to 500 words
  • Must be mom and or kid related.
  • Content should be uplifting, positive, informative or offer advice and guidance 
  • A Pic is required to promote writeup but they too can link back to your  blog/brand and/or site.
  • If the image used is not your own, please ensure you have rights to use that image.
  • Give credit for photos that are not your own with a statement and link at the bottom of the post.

  • Tutorials always make great post. 
  • If you do write a tutorial make sure the writing is clear and easy to follow by writing in a step-by-step style.
  • Add In-text links, where appropriate.
  • Feel free to post on you own blog or site.
  • Break your content up with headlines and subheads to make post easy to read and scannable.
Content may be re-posted after original post date on TheMomsGroup provided the following have been met.
  • Change the title and first  paragraphs of the original content.
  • Disclaimer with link to original post.  

 All our post on the blog go out to our facebook fan page and Twitter


  1. Great idea to reach out to everyone. I think there's a group on vB too for this.

  2. Thanks, I'll check it out. I would really love a holiday post.

  3. Anonymous11/24/2012

    I would be really interested in doing a guest post. I wonder if you are interested in taking health bloggers??

  4. Yes Jacqueline we would. All we ask is that the post be directed to Moms or Kids.

  5. Sounds like a great idea, I have been peeking around your blog it looks great!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, we have worked hard to create a great moms group. If you havent checked out our forum give it look.

  6. I would love to guest post.

    1. Debi we would love to have you guest post! Just let us know when and what you would like to post so we can make a spot for you.(:

  7. Great idea.. Will see if I can come up with some topic.. Good luck!

  8. I'd love to guest po but I have to improve on my writing first.

    1. you have a beautiful blog! whenever your ready let us know.(:

  9. This is such a neat idea. And it looks like you have some great offers to write too! :)

    Just stopping by to say hello!